-Blog buttons-

 Please help yourselves! …♥180 x 190

180 x 100

 105 x 105  

170 x 170
 125 x 125


More designs to come.

Add me & i shall add you ^__^…x


Update of page to follow soon

5 Responses to -Blog buttons-

  1. Julie Hornby Winfield

    Fabulous Christmas presents for my girlies! Thank you.
    Libby, James, Lulu and I love your web site, but please get your shop up and running soon as we need to buy things!
    Jules x

  2. i am adding you nowwww!!! <3333

  3. Thanks so much Donna! I’m putting yours up too:D

  4. Hiya, just put one of them up on my sidebar. Love your blog, it’s soo adorable <333

    If you want to link back to Hello Kitty Forever, please click here for my buttons and further details ^_^

    Stay cute!

    • Thanks so much! Your website is so kawaii I would be more then happy to add you to my “daily reads” page! Love your site I shall be regularly popping by! ^__< x

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