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Japanese Craft Items!


Just quickly popping in with an awesome package I recently got through the post from Modes4u.

I’ve been dying to try this Japanese fuwa fuwa paper clay out. I’ve seen the most cutest of creations and I just had to give it ago. I also purchased some white fuwa fuwa mouse clay (Whipped Cream.) as you can mix in the other clays for different colours. You know start off with the basics, I don’t want to dive in head first and botch my first attempt. 

For decoration I picked up some glitter vanish, some sprinkle & flat back pearl embellishments for that extra kawaii touch!

I’m really excited to finally be able to give this a go… Fingers crossed it goes well. I’ve always wanted to make my own charms and decorate just about anything and everything with a flat surface haha.

Well I’ll keep you all posted on how its goes, for better or for worse of course!

If your interested in picking up the craft items shown above then your find them here.

Have a great day,


Jewel Pets!

Hey hey,

So yesterday I was running some errands, when I saw some Jewel Pet blind packets. Kinda like Re-Ment but not, same principle really. I’ve recently been quite curious about Jewel Pet, as I brought a hair clip from Miki not so long ago.

I’ll be honest I really thought it was just a kids toy brand, as that’s what it’s advertised here in the UK, so I’ve just kinda ignored it.

But Im glad my curiosity got the better of me as these are seriously adorable no?

I think I actually made some “sqeee” noises when I opened them. I was over the moon to have scored three kitties: With being a huge cat fan & all, how lucky is that!

I was really impressed that the blind packets had stuff you could actually use; here I got a phone charm, hair bobble & a bracelet. The bracelet is a kids size I spose but I really do have tiny wrists so score! As you can see the style of Jewel Pets is quite Japanese so it’s not wonder I was attracted to it.

(Jewel Pet image via: Anime Here.)

I later found out that Jewel Pet was actually an Anime series. How awesome is that!  You can read about Jewel Pet here.

You can tell that these cuties are Sanrio inspired for sure in fact Sanrio partnered up with Sega Toys to create these in 2008. Although it’s only really its only been around the UK the last yea, that I know of anyway.

If you’ve seen any of the anime I would love to know, as I’m quite interested in watching so let me know if it’s any good! 

Take care,


Kawaii: Knowing where to look!

Hi all,

I tend to get a lot of questions such as “where do you buy all of your cute stuff from?” “I don’t shop online is there anywhere else that sells kawaii?” Etc…

Obviously most of the time I use the internet but from time to time I hit the high street & I am a firm believer that if you look your find kawaii pretty much everywhere & anywhere. It’s all about just knowing where to look. 

Of course the UK’s favourites for kawaii is ArtBox (But they only tend to be near main cities I tend to find.) & Paperchase.

My favourite place to always look for super kawaii goodies are local Chinese stores.

Now I know that most people get intimidated going in as its out of their comfort zone, with all of the “weird” products & food. But seriously I tend to find it the gem of all high street shops when it comes to kawaii.


Heres my kawaii high street loot from Monday:

Kawaii teddy towels, flannels, stickers, bags, stationary, Hello Kitty capsules, corn snacks, and of course some Paperchase cuteness.  (They had so much on sale!)

I was really thrilled to find Momiji Hello Kitty in the Chinese store, they had such a great selection, from the dolls, purses, zip bags, and key rings… As you can see I just couldn’t resist myself I had to grab a few pieces. I was really impressed with the key rings as they’re double-sided & overall really good quality.

My last purchase was a kawaii panda chocolate apple!  (Shop cute eat cute?) I was saving this baby all day to kick back with a cup of tea and marvel at my kawaiiness. Well I just stare and organise a lot haha!

If you don’t have any Chinese stores near you, you can still find tons of kawaii in your local town or city, here’s a basic shopping guide of where to pick yourself up some kawaii no matter where you live:

WHSmiths sells lots of Hello Kitty stationary and cute tins, Claire’s accessories or Accessorize are an obvious option for cute stickers & jewellery. Super markets are becoming more and more Hello Kitty friendly in the last couple of years, so always keep your eyes peeled when you’re doing your local shop. Then you’ve got your TopShop,(Hello Kitty) H&M, (Hello Kitty & Little Star Twins.) WaterStones for manga, Hello Kitty & finally HMV for anime and the odd bit of Hello Kitty. Gosh I really could go on with the list but I don’t want to bore you!

Then again these are only the easiest places to look without going to much of your way on your usual shopping expeditions. 

Well there you have it, there are of course tons of “alternative” stores and other shops among the high street to search…But once you start looking, your become much more susceptible to it. I hardly go anywhere these days without seeing something cute! I really do spose the more you look the more your find whether you mean to or not

I’ll be back tomorrow, I’ve got tons of posts and pictures for this week.

Take care,


Mini ArtBox Splurge!

ArtBox is the UK’s home of kawaii so from time to time I like to pop by and see what new goodies they have.

As I had a successful run at the Anime con it was time to pull my purse out of my bag! 

I thought there’s nothing better to spend the money my art earns then to turn it into kawaii, so I fled to ArtBox only to naturally.

Heres my recent purchase:

I picked up some super kawaii letter sets, the Cola ones are for Mr H. Sticker sacks, I’m totally in love with the kawaii ghosts there just so adorable!

Blueberry Pocky would have to be my absolute favourite flavour so it’s always a win picking up some of them. I was super excited to find these Rilakkuma scented pens, there so cute! Plus they smell really nice, I had to pick them up in my favourite pastel colours. Finally some little bits, the ArtBox panda goodies were freebies, the little “I love you” cards are for Mr H’s lunch box .

Of course I had to get some Hello Kitty too so here we have a pom-pom phone charm (They were blind packs.) & finally a red vegetable peeler! Goodbye old boring white one hello swanky Hello Kitty peeler. I just love Hello Kitty kitchen wear makes me smile.

So there we have it! Another successful ArtBox binge.

Just what the doctor ordered! 

Take care,



Hello Kitty Kawaii Shopping!

Morning all!

So I thought I would start this week bright and early with another edition of Secret Addict. Just to blow those Monday blues away you know! 

As some of you might know I am huge on the Hello Kitty. Still have a current ten-year bet with my dad over it. Bring on the easiest £100 I’ll ever earn haha!…

Whilst shopping for a winter coat for Mr H I managed to briefly drag him into H&M and boy am I glad I did:

They had a Hello Kitty sale so I took full advantage as you can see. I was pleasantly surprised to find Little Star Twins from Sanrio among everything else. The Hello Kitty belt is a kid sized one. But I plan on wearing it around my waist with a Yumi or kawaii collaboration. 

Off to another day of sewing!

Have a great Monday.


Latest Kawaii Swap!

Hi all!

Just popping in my latest kawaii swap to the ever so lovely HandPuppetGirl via Flickr:

Super glad she loves everything. Always a pleasure shopping for kawaii! 

If anyone wants to do a  swap with me Im currently avalible so either drop me an email or FM me on my Flickr here!

Take care,


China Town 2!

Hi all!

Recently I got to meet an awesome kawaii friend in London, and of course when your in London theres only one place to go for the kawaii…China town!

So heres my most recent loot from an epic day:

As you can tell I went a tad crazy again but how could I not! It must have been the after Christmas sales as a lot of this kawaii goodness was only £1!

Which puts shame on those cheap tacky pound lands haha.

Ahh China town how I love thee! 

Living proof that cheap does not have to be a ton of crap.

I love finding anime merchandise too. I was totally stoked to have found Black Butler and Death Note amongst everything!

Have a great evening!


Kookizu Product Review!

Good afternoon all!

Earlier on this week I brought you some super kawaii accessories from the adorable 

Well today I got through one of the most cutest parcels and I just had to share how impressed I am with the quality and kawaiiness of Kookizu products!

I love everything about these ghost accessories, from the awesome well thought out packaging (It’s so freaking cute and very well presented!) to the actual quality of the necklaces and earrings itself! Even the customer postcard is to die for with its classic retro designs inspired by the ever awesome space invaders game!

I love how the ghost necklace and earrings are handmade from wood. It makes a refreshing change and brings a most needed sophistication to the kawaii jewellery market!

So as you can see I am totally in love with my new kawaii ghost jewellery from the ever wonderful Kookizu! Kookizu products definitely have the seal of approval from me here at Fluffyghost! I really do recommend these products to anyone looking for something a little more distinctive!

I would like to say a massive thank you for Kookizu generosity for sending me these awesome products to review! They really have made my day and I shall love them till the end for sure. 

You can check out all of Kookizu super kawaii products here!

As for me I shall without a word be coming back for more as a loyal customer in the very  near future! 



Hello Kitty At Artbox!

Hi all!

Remember Hello Kitty & Mimmy’s birthday was on the 1st November?

Well Artbox was doing an awesome 20% off everything Hello Kitty.

So me being me, well I just had to hit this deal up…How could I not?

So after a hectic day yesterday I came back to these beauts:

rilakkuma, japanese, kawaii, cute, stickers, hello kitty

From some well needed oven mitts, (my other one was pretty much dying :/) Japanese cafe sticker, panda key ring, (was free!) the cutest purple Hello Kitty bag, (Mr H’s parents are getting married tomorrow so I’m going to use this baby as it’s the perfect size!) some Japanese table folding clothes and finally of course some Rilakkuma files.

Ahh I love it all! Plus saved a lot of money so erm….Score!

Did any one else take advantage of Artbox awesome deal? If so I would love to hear about it! All Hello Kitty is welcome here!

Also I just wanted to say sorry about being lazy with Fluffyghosts weekly features, I shall get better organised plus I want to revise on some of them. 

Hope you have a great week! Im off to a wedding tomorrow so I’ll be back Saturday!

Till then fellow kawaiiers! 


Hello Kitty At TOYS R US!

Afternoon all!

So yesterday Mr H & I were down south visiting family. On our way to and from houses we stopped by one of the biggest toy shops ever. (Mr H got me a gift card for one of my anniversary presents so I just had to use it!)

To my surprise every kind of Hello Kitty toy was under one roof. Of course I had to hold back from the sticker and chocolate maker being an “adult” and all. But then again it didn’t stop me picking up these beauts:

From the cutest Hello Kitty collaboration with mad barbarians & a cherry Hello Kitty plushes, to a huge free-standing water bottle and radio. Which will now proudly sit in my kitchen! 

To the most kawaii book stands. I was really surprised with how good the quality of these were. There really heavy and really well made. One of my best buys to be fair. ^__<

All neatly finished up with some Hello Kitty stationary!

Why just Hello Kitty you might ask? Well TOYS R US are having a huge Hello Kitty sale so obviously I had to go a tad mental: I did pick some more Hello Kitty goodies up but there for Christmas presents and well you know me… I don’t kiss and tell! 

Mr H also got his first Hornby train set. Which will be the start of a highly addictive collection just waiting to happen haha! There really cool actually I must admit. So a day well spent!

Right I shall be back tomorrow, carrying on with my Etsy store update.

Till then, sayonara!