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Christmas In Photos!

Hi all!

I hope all of you had a fantastic kawaii filled Christmas!

It’s great to be back, I have so so so…Many ideas for Fluffyghost for the up and coming year can’t wait to share. But as were still all in the chilled out, eat/drink and be merry vibe: I thought I would share some of my favourite presents from Christmas this year.

Well it’s not new years yet!

So so many awesome gifts! I want to thank all of my friends and family whose made many of my Christmas lusts come true!

As you can see I have another stupidly  awesome sized pillow! Shrimp style sushi of course! I love it so much! Hello Kitty 50th anniversary collaboration with Tuxedo Sam plush! & of course two generous sized anime and manga box sets! Thanks Mr H!

I always find that not asking for much for Christmas is always a win down here, as I’m always curious to see what people think I like and what gifts are bestowed on me. Obviously my family, friends and lover are of course well kawaii trained haha!

The best Rilakkuma slippers ever! There so freaking adorable I couldn’t have asked of any better. Mr H knows me well. 

I was so stoked to unwrap my Hello Kitty porcelain ornament, I’ve been eyeing up this beaut for almost forever! Its handmade by the Spanish group’s NAO brand in workshops in Valencia under license by Sanrio. You can find more out about them here. To others its known as “grown up” Hello Kitty!

I wanted to thank my friend Ella (Who Im super excited about meeting on the 30th.) for my awesome handmade kawaii Christmas card of me and Hewiee. Best card by a landslide I have received this year! She is a super talented artist so be sure to check out some of her work here.

Finally some super cute bits and bobs from Santa haha! (Apart from the Ds game.)  I love Rune Factory 3, best game I have up to date. It’s beyond Harvest Moon as you can do so so so much more! Awesome game I strongly recommend it!

A professor Layton DVD, can’t wait to watch as the games are really fun! Hello Kitty cupcake lip gloss and finally the most awesome Black Butler playing cards!

So as you can see I’ve done very well this Christmas! I want to thank everyone who made this year so special! 

I will also be doing a new years giveaway in the next couple of years, to help kick-start 2012 all in good stride so be sure to keep checking in.

Have a great day!


Mineco Super Sized!

Hey hey!

So on this weeks Secret Addict I’ve finally met my mecca in the pillow world. As some of you know I’m a bit of a  crazy cat lady so its only natural for me to find Mineco irresistable. But how irresistable do you say?

Well after a month of waiting my Mineco pillow came through the post. (Finally Korea!) But this isn’t your average pillow…Nooooo…

How come you might say?

Well here’s why:

It’s a mega, huge, jumbo sized Mineco…Well buying a smaller pillow just wouldn’t have done.

The last photo is to help you judge the size of it. Put it this way my bed is king size so its freaking one huge fluffy ball of kawaii!

Mmmm would you say that my pillow obsession is spiraling out of control?

Well…Maybe, possibly…

It measures 90cm in width so I’ll let you be the judge of that haha!

If anyone else wants one then you can purchase them here.

Take care!


Kawaii Christmas Giveaway!

Hi all!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been in bed with a monster of a cold…

Anyway I have some great news, FluffyGhost is having a Kawaii Christmas Giveaway!

So heres whats up for grabs:

 An Eskimo Water bottle, A purple bubble & squeak plush and finally a jpop card case!

All you have to do is the following for your chance to win this super kawaii goodies:

The winner shall be chosen at random on the 21st December!

Good luck and be sure to leave your comments separate for each entry you qualify for. Also link back if you did a blog post or tweet.


Hello Kitty For Christmas!

Good Afternoon!

If your’e a fellow Hello Kitty junkie then your in for a treat today as Sanrio have some of the kawaiiest goodies that would sit perfect underneath your Christmas tree!

So heres are my latest additions to my Christmas list:


Hello Kitty Fluffy Throw Blanket. Via: Sanrio. Buy here!

This Hello Kitty throw is adorable! From the print to the classic red bow. I would love to snuggle up with this any day of the year.


Hello Kitty Large Fluffy Cushion. Via: Sanrio. Buy here!

It would almost be criminal not to have a matching cushion to go with the blanket! The fabric looks super cosy and the bow just finishes it all off…Lovely!


Hello Kitty Adult Slippers M. Via: Sanrio. Buy here!

Finally Santa I would like to finish off this kawaii bundle off with some matching slippers! So I can snooze in style. 

 Sanrio has a beautiful array of Hello Kitty and other Sanrio character products so If you live in USA or Canada your in for a treat!

But don’t worry if you live around Europe or UK like me there is hope…As there is a Sanrio Europe. It’s currently going under some work but it will be open before you know it! So be sure to stop by here from time to time.


Cute Plush!


Now I’ve had my eye on this website for the last couple of years, so when I recently stopped by for a peek I was stunned to see just many new kawaii products they have & how just much the site had developed in itself, that I just had to share!

So here’s what I have on my current wish list:


Little Fox Plush Doll. Via: Cute Plush. Buy here!

This plush is seriously the cutest! From the rice ball, its expression, texture. This cutie pie has it all! Max cuddle impact guaranteed . 


Chocolate Icecream Bunny Necklace! Via: Cute Plush. Buy here!

I’ve always loved kawaii deserts combined with animals. (As you might know I’m a huge fan of San-X Nyan Nyan Nyanko) So this beaut in my eyes is definitely a must have!


Starlight Palace T-Shirt. Via: Cute Plush. Buy here!

I love the inspired Lolita illustration on this T-shirt, especially with the colour palette used. Stunning! A must have for my wardrobe!  

Cute Plush also has a range of accessories, hats, jewellery plush tons of kawaii T-shirts and plush!

So be sure to check them out here

Have an awesome day,


Kawaii Cloud!

Good afternoon!

Gosh I’ve been a busy bee lately, so Im just quickly popping in with a new plush creation:

A complete 3-D wall hanging plush. With mobile rain drops with kawaii faces dangling down. Complete with faux teddy bear eyes! Awesome for any kawaii fan!

See you soon,


Slowly building an army…

Of Jellies that is!

Loads of work to do and make! It makes a nice change sewing  all day…

So im off to an another day of non stop crafting!



With Autumn fast approaching, I just couldn’t help myself but start to get into the festive mood; so here are some of my latest favourite seasonal Etsy discoveries!

1. Candy apple crochet Autumn yumminiess: By Eternal Sunshine. 

2. The once apon a time rag quilt: By Past Traditions.  

3. Fall Autumn wreath: By A Work of HeartSA. 

4.  Felt faux taxidermy bunny head: By Planet Fur.

5. Pumpkin patch vintage chenille, garden fresh pillow. By The Pink Palace. 


Ah I seriously can’t want till Autumn gets in the kick of things. Snuggling up in warmer blankets. The leaves falling off the tree’s to berry picking. I just love the colour palette of this season! Bring on Autumn!

See ya later! ^___<



I’ve always had a huge soft side for the ever so incredible San – X range. One of my favourites being Nyanko of course.

I mean who doesn’t love kawaii cats combined with the cutest plush food?

I can see a real addiction starting, just around the corner haha!

So here are some of my recent favourites:


Canned food Nyanko. Via: iheartkitty Flickr.

These are just too cute! Who wouldn’t want to go to their pantry to find these kitties waiting. To be honest I don’t even know why I don’t own these haha!


Fast food Nyanko. Via: iheartkitty Flickr.


This would have to be one of the best takes on the ever so famous fast food take out! So vivid and kawaii: Beats McDonald’s any day of the week!


Nyanko pie. Via: iheartkitty Flickr. 

These are just beyond adorable! Now you have adore some of your favourite desserts without the calories…Win!

So there we have it for another week of Secret Addict! If you have any kawaii collections then drop me an email:  & you could feature in next weeks edition!

Have an awesome Wednesday.


Mutant Killer Bunny


Finally back after an epic weekend at Weyfest: Was truly awesome! I shall have photos soon but I had to take a disposable camera which I’m getting developed asap.

Anyway… Recently I made a special creation for one of my closest friends for her birthday. So here it is:

Thats right a mutant flesh-eating bunny. With a hint of kawaii of course! 

I shall be having a huge shop re-design soon so make sure you stop by as Fluffyghost is bringing out a complete new range of products. From ghosts to jellyfish and maybe some bunnies to! With a ton of surprise’s in the pipeline too!

I’ll be back as of normal from tomorrow.

(Super tired, damn you Vodka haha!)

Have a great day!