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My Kawaii World!


Just quickly popping in with an insight into my kawaii life!

Today I wanted to share what I call my kawaii corner with you all.

So here it is:

It’s just one of my many safe havens It’s almost like a shrine I spose to me haha.

I tend to keep my smaller collectible plush here as well as some of the manga I have finished.

Although I tend to keep my larger collection stored away neatly.

My kawaii corner is on top of my chest of draws so I am forever going back & forth to this part of my bedroom.

The mirror & blue mini chest of draws I’ve had since I was small so I doubt I’ll ever get rid of those. (Even if they do seem to be the odd bits out of this kawaii equation. My favourite storage here would be my pink Rilakkuma draws as well as the tiny Hello Kitty draws I have on top of the larger blue unit. (I’ve had that for a very long time too.)

I tend to keep most of my kawaii inside of kawaii tins, boxes, cute storage etc… So  the goodies out on display are only a small part of my personal collection, I have gathered from over the years. My favourite part of this corner recently would have to be my “charm tree” well it’s a white heart but I look at it like that.

From Nyan Nyan Nyanko charms, Sanrio, Jewel Pets, San-X, Tofu Cute, to handmade. I love adding new goodies to it.

I also tend to get a lot of kawaii goodies from swaps too. So I’m always proud to display some of my favourite bits & bobs I’ve received from the ever so lovely kawaii community on Flickr.

So there you have it, a small insight into my everyday kawaii life!

If  you have any kawaii places in your home & would like to feature on FluffyGhost, then drop me an email…I would love to hear from you all!

Take care & have an awesome weekend.


Hello Kitty Collections.


Hope everyone had a great Easter & of course bank holiday if you did.

It’s been a hectic weekend as it was my partners birthday but of course lots of fun!

Today I thought I would take it easy a bit and just share some of my newest Hello Kitty items to find its way into my collection. (I do use most of my Hello Kitty items.)

So here they are:

I did order the chocolate Hello Kitty doughnut squishy but for some reason got the plain vanilla one…I was a bit pffft  at first but what can you do: It’s still super kawaii & better yet my partner actually believed it was real & was about to consume it. That would have been a disaster just waiting to happen haha.

I also purchased a 2001 vintage styled Hello Kitty wash kit. I’ve always been a massive fan of the original Hello Kitty designs. Theres just a certain class about it. Plus you can never go wrong with a classic…It’s always refreshing to have some of the other Sanrio characters alongside Hello Kitty. You never tend to see Mimmy around these days.

Last but not least my new Hello Kitty plush. I won it in a crane grabber machine. Took me awhile but finally its mine haha. I do tend to go a bit crazy on those things. A good tip I tend to find is let other people use it, wait & watch. Let them use their money up first then give it a go. Reason being crane machines are fixed…Theres a certain number ratio that it runs through before it allows you to win a prize. That is of course if you even pick it up. It can be rather frustrating at times. But this way has never failed me!

So there we have it…My recent Hello Kitty scores.

I’m off to a busy day so take care!


Sugar Bunny Shop!


I’ve been eyeing up a super kawaii store known as the Sugar Bunny Shop, they have so many adorable items and of course characters.

One of my favourites being Puddle Bunny, heres whats on my wishlist:


 (Puddle Bunny Plush via: Sugar Bunny Shop.)

Who could not adore this little cutie? Perfect to snuggle up with on those Spring time rainy days.


(Puddle Bunny mini coin purse via: Sugar Bunny Shop.)

I just adore this design so much.This coin purse needs to find its self to my handbag.


(Sugar Bunny gift box via: Sugar Bunny Store.)

I always enjoy spreading kawaii among friends and family as well as kawaii wrapping up of course. So this box is just sublime for that! 

Sugar Bunny Shop has tons of kawaii products and other cute characters, so be sure to check them out here.

Have a great day,


Happy Pancake Day!

Hi all!

Its that time of year again:

 Heidi Kenney Pancake plush via: KidRobot.

Who needs real pancakes this year when you can have a forever keepsake as kawaii as this?

 Heidi Kenney Pancake plush via: KidRobot.

Heidi Kenney owner of My Paper Crane has the most cutest breakfeast plush range…Pancakes being one of them!

Be sure to pick yourself up one of this cuties! Added bonus this cutie pie doesn’t break any rules for lent.

So for some guilt free sugar fun buy here.

& remember pancakes are for life not just to be eaten.

Have a great pancake day everyone & good luck not burning your pancakes!

I’ll my best not to, but Im not making any promises haha! 


San-X Wanroom!

Hi all!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

As we all know San-X has a huge character list that you seriously could get yourself lost…Anyway browsing the net as you do I found this little cutie:

(Wanroom via: Girly Bubble.)

San-X’s Wanroom! A kawaii pup who poses as house hold items. Aren’t these seriously the cutest plush ever! (Well, that I’ve seen recently anyway!)

You can also get Wanroom in Re-Ment:

  (Wanroom Re-ment via: Enf Workshop.)

These are just adorable… If I collected miniatures then I would be all over these babies like a house on fire!

You can buy San-X Wanroom here.

Have a great day!


P.S The bottom two links do work but take some time to load. >…<

Anime Inspired!

This week has just rushed by: All though looking forward to a weekend of just kicking back does sound mighty fine too. 

So to kickstart the beginning of a great weekend I thought a “Secret Addict” was in order: As Valentine’s day was only a few days ago it would be totally relevant to share what Mr H got me this year:

The cutest Totoro plush hat, Luna plush from Sailor Moon!

And the cherry on top would have to be the card he got made for me of me & a kawaii cat (At the London Anime con.) by a very talented artist…Sadly I don’t know who she entirely is but her drawing is incredible. (She had like 30 minutes to do this as we were about to pack up.)

Lots of kawaii goodness… I’m the kinda girl who would much rather have some anime goodies then well the cliché chocolates, roses, etc… (I’m not a flower hater, I do love them just not the pressure to have to have them.)

So overall win for another great Valentines day…

Mr H knows me very well! 

Take care,


Random Kawaii!

Hi all!

We’ve not had an edition of Secret Addict for a while so I thought I should finally buckle down and pick up from where I last left.

So for this weeks feature I’m sharing some random snaps of some kawaii goodies from around my home. My personal collection! 

From my new pink Hello Kitty yearly planner, for FluffyGhost. The Hello Kitty eggs are from an awesome reader Zoe Ross who kindly donated her unwanted Hello Kitty. Thank you so much I was honored to re-home them! 

I was over the moon to get my Rilakkuma Paris edition plush from Mr H. It was a rather late Christmas presents…Well thats Hong Kong postage! 

& finally a new treat for my DSi. I found it at Argos…Was to cute to pass on you know?

Well there we have it! I’ll be in and out a lot this week as It’s the run up to the London Anime Con, so I need to get making! 

Tart tar…


Kawaii Progress!

  Hey all!

Gosh its been a very hectic yet productive month so far, making tons of new products for the London Anime Con in Feb…

So I’m just popping in today with a little sneak peek of a few items I’ve been working on:

From fluffy rice balls,  Soot Sprites bags (Handprinted and designed by me.) and of course the odd fluffy huggable Totoro. I’ve got tons more products in the pipelines and tons I haven’t taken pictures of yet…Well I don’t want to kiss and tell about everything now would I haha! 

I’m starting to get really excited as well as nervous of course! 

Still getting those finishing touches done to all of the above so busy times ahead!

Take care,


(Cake image in banner from Kawaii Five O.)

London Anime Con!

Hi all!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but theres a good reason (As per usual haha.) to why…

Thats right FluffyGhost shall be hitting up the London anime convention on the 11th February. (Saturday)

For tons of handmade kawaii, from Studio Ghibli to some of your favourite anime characters and of course some Lolita for the Harajuku girls: FluffyGhost shall be whipping up a treat!

(Image via: London anime con.)

There will be tons to do from workshops, anime screenings, Otaku fashion shows, epic battles, live music and of course tons of awesome Japanese stores! Obviously including FluffyGhost! 

Plus  we shall be cosplaying it up! Myself as Konata from Lucky Star & Mr H as Sebastian from Black Butler!

Tons of awesome reasons to get yourself down to the Rocket Complex on the 11th Feb!

tumblr_lhxkwtuqZg1qa6he6o1_500.gif image by longjumptriplejump

To purchase yourself a ticket click here.

Or for more information on the days events etc stop by there website here. 

Take care & hope to see you there!


Studio Ghibli Soot Sprites!

Hey all!

As some of you know that in February Fluffyghost has its first stall at London’s Anime Con – which I’m super excited about!

So January is a full on craft month for me which im stoked about as it means I get to create some much kawaii goodness!

Well last night I finished one of my new plush designs… (That will be stocked in my store shortly.) I’ve never sewn 3D before but I’m so glad I have as it was so worth it the effort.

Introducing Studio Ghibli’s soot sprites that appear in My Neighbour Totoro & Spirited Away!

His a much bigger version of course and his super soft and squishy. Made from faux black fur and stuffed with polyester filling.

What do you guys think?

For the Spirited Away Soot Sprites I might attach some star treats for them…You know to eat later haah! (Its in the film for anyone who thinks I’m a loon.)

Have a great weekend!