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As Im a little out of touch with the current lingo I need to get myself back up to date with the current trends of Japan.

Don’t get me wrong I know about the latest fashion, games and anime. But just maybe have been watching a little bit to much anime?? (If there is such a thing!)

Meaning I’ve hidden myself away from the world pretty much 90% of the time. Kinda been getting my Otaku on… However I shall be doing some anime reviews soon as I have TONS to share and talk about.

Anyway I thought I would just share some photos I’ve taken lately in no
specific order:


From my Hello Kitty neon and heart glitter lamp, to Korilakkuma & Rilakkuma plush pillows and just random crap in my draw at work.
Just the essentials you know it!

I look forward to hearing and connecting back with you kawaii lovers!
So please come say hi, come say anything lol…

See you soon,


International Friends!

Hey all!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far…

Since starting Fluffyghost one of my all time favourite things I have enjoyed the most via this website is the connections I have made with people who share the same passion as me for kawaii around the world.

It helps open your eyes to culture, friendship and of course more kawaii that you might not have been able to locate or have known.

I’ve been lucky to share swapping experiences with these lovely ladies and be included in the care package network (as I like to think of it).  You just can’t beat coming home to a super cute parcel when you’ve had a rather crappy day, as it really goes to show that someone on the other side of the world really does give a damn about your well-being… and that feeling just cannot be beaten!

So here is a what I was blessed to receive this year for Christmas from the most awesome ladies ever:

I am truly grateful to have such awesome international friends. Getting to know you all, exchanging parcels and just the kawaii community in general always brightens up my day. 
I hope to one day meet you all in the flesh.

I would just like to add also that there are a few more parcels that should have been included in this post but I just can’t seem to locate the photos on my computer. But you lovely ladies know who you are and how thankful to your friendship I am.

Well thats enough of me being gushy on the internet for one day haha!
Im off to see Les Mis in the cinema.

Take care,

Hello Kitty Cake

There’s just something about this cake that makes my eyes light up!

I would be a very happy girly to receive such a beautiful cake. The presentation the piping & the rainbow sprinkles…I would literally stuff my face in to it haha!

Link love:

Gloomy Bear UFO Catchers.

Hey hey,

Japan has the most kawaii UFO catchers. (claw/grab machines to me and you!)

I especially can not resist a Gloomy Bear one. I want them all:


I was lucky to be sent some Gloomy bear plush claw accessories from an awesome swap. You can only win them from the UFO catchers apparently so I was thrilled with them. One day though, I shall win my own…In Japan of course!

Take care,


Link love: Images via: Tumblr

Rilakkuma Is Coming To Town.

Hey all!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween, and just in time to start the pre-Christmas envy off haha!

I recently stumbled across the fantastic news that San-X are releasing some new Rilakkuma Christmas plush this year… Which may I add are adorable!

(Rilakkuma plush via: Modes4U blog)

Beyond kawaii it almost hurts! 

(Rilakkuma plush via: Modes4U blog)

Now sadly for the heartbreaking part… There only for sale in Japan! 

So if you have any friends/family or pen pals that live in Japan nows the time to start sending your heart felt wish lists their way. 

Take care!


Super Kawaii Halloween Background!

Afternoon all,

I am absolutely smitten with this Kutsushita Nyanko San-x Halloween background:

(Kutsushita Nyanko San-X background. Via: Tumblr.)

Perfect in so many ways…


Halloween Nail Art.

Hey hey!

I’ve always admired nail art, the skill set and talent gone into each individual design. I really wish I had the patience, as I would be doing awesome designs such as these cuties…

These are literally to die for!

 (Halloween nail art Via: Black Coffee.)

Kawaii and spooky one of my personal favourite collaborations!

Gotta dash, see you all tomorrow.


Halloween Bento

Hey guys,

As some of you might know I’ve recently started work as a graphics designer/ trainee programmer…Meaning I’ve not had much time to update FluffyGhost. However I’m setting myself a new goal to post on my lunch hour each day as of now. So my posts may be short and sweet but hey a small post is better then none no?

Gosh there’s me rambling on again…

Any who as Halloween is around the corner this little bento has caught my eye:

(Image Via: FluffyGhost pinterest.)

Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori never looked so adorable in Halloween wear till this festive bento lunch. Love!!

Must dash…

Take care,

Back From The Dead!

Hello all!

This must be the longest record broken for not posting, however after a near fatal brush with zombie syndrome I am back from the dead!

I am very happy to say that whilst away a lot has happened, I landed my dream job and I am now currently working as basically a graphics designer/trainee programmer. So I hope to be able to bring my new skill set over to here at FluffyGhost and well just make this website much more awesome of course!

So be warned I might make some crazy changes along the line as I shall be using FluffyGhost as my training ground. 

I am definitely looking forward to being able to write this website from scratch.

Anyway so Im back just in time for my favourite months too:

(Halloween image via: Black Coffee.)

Autumn I find has so much to offer… From the beautiful scenery, those sunny days where the air is cold and crisp, crunchy leaves, blankets and jumpers, hot drinks tasting a million times better and of course…HALLOWEEN!!!

I really could list all day why I love Autumn so much but I shall save that for another rainy day.

After a very productive week at my new job a well deserved rest is only to be expected. As the famous saying goes;

“Time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted.” & I could not agree more!

So my weekend supplies consist of:

Halloween decorations, (Yes they were most necessary! Mr H looked at me funny haha.) sweets, sweets and more sweets! S’mores ingredients and comics!

I’ve wanted to try s’mores for a very long time, you Americans make them look irresistible. I do though have different crackers compared to the square ones, I am however English so you’ll have to forgive me as I just could not for the love of god find t

(Hello Kitty zombie Via: Wanabeanarchist DeviantART.)

So you know what I will be doing, as well as watching ALOT of zombie based movies and series. Its zombie fever at my house currently, if were not playing the new Resident evil 6 were watching something vaguely similar along those lines.

Anyone else caught the Halloween horror bug? Would love to hear from you all.

Take care,


FluffyGhost Store Restock!

Hey guys!

So after a long wait I’ve finally updated my Etsy store! Hurray!

I plan to keep on adding bits through out the rest of the year when I get some more free time.  Especially for those festive seasons ahead!

Here’s some of my personal favourites:

(Rainbow Magical Fantasy Fairy Dust Necklaces via: Fluffyghost Etsy.)

Super kawaii glass fairy dust pendants attached to a brightly coloured chain. I really love the sheer contrast of these they really do make an adorable statement piece! Perfect for young and old alike.

(Kawaii Lolita Bear Brooch via: Fluffyghost Etsy)

This brooch is super kawaii! Perfect for any lolita, fairy kei girl looking to spruce up their wardrobe for this Autumn coming. It also has a vintage feel about it almost Alice in Wonderland inspired. This is a one-off creation so if you’re looking for something unique this is it!

(Green Japanese Kokeshi Doll Dangle Earrings via: Fluffyghost Etsy)

For all those Japan lovers out there! You cannot go wrong with these traditional Kokeshi doll in kimono’s earrings.  

(Fantasy Rainbow Fairy Kei Cluster Necklace via: Fluffyghost Etsy)

A stunning fantasy inspired cluster necklace attached to a purple metal chain.
This truly is an eye-catching piece that looks  magical in the sun!

It’s a one-off creation so your never have to worry about bumping into copycats again!

I shall continue to update FluffyGhost Etsy store so be sure to check it out here for tons of handmade kawaii!

I shall include some freebies with every order too. 

Take care & see you all very soon!