Kawaii Tree Decorations At Paperchase!

Hi all!

Gosh finally back after an awesome trip up north. Was really great to see my grandparents.

So today I’m only quickly popping in with some super kawaii tree ornaments to get us all in the decorating spirit!

Heres what I have my eye on this year:


Glass assorted decorations. Via: Paperchase. Buy here!

I love these so much, there cute, retro with a hint of glamour! Perfect to spruce up your Christmas tree this year!


Christmas town wooden decorations. Via: Paperchase. Buy here!

Of course you can’t decorate without some much-needed kawaii! These will be without fail on my tree! Theres just something about their childlike illustrations that scream Christmas to me! Definitely a favourite!


Knitted cupcakes hanging decorations. Via: Paperchase. Buy here!

These are just fantastic! Handmade knitted items have always brought me a lot of nostalgia around Christmas time. So these cupcakes are just beyond cute and a awesome addition that would make any Christmas tree proud!

Well that’s it today, I shall be playing a much-needed catch up for the rest of the week!

So till tomorrow take care.


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