Kawaii Anniversary!


So yesterday was mine and Mr H’s 3rd anniversary together! Was such a relaxing time, definitely a perfect day which consisted of taking it easy, shopping, a super sweet meal out followed by chilling on our sofa watching Beauty & The Beast!

Couldn’t of asked for anything more, I was very spoilt. So here’s what  my darling got me:

Could not believe he got me the original Pokemon monopoly, I mean I grew up with this game being the Pokemon fanatic I am! Although the box looks a tad battered (You can’t buy them brand new anymore, unless from a mint condition collector!) everything in the box was brand new! I’m guessing a kid just took a pen to the box out of boredom haha! This really meant a lot to me as this is the first game I’ve ever had back from my childhood! (I kept all of my Pokemon cards and games/game consoles SCORE!)

Followed by a ton of sweets ranging from America, Sweden etc… I love the Hello Kitty jelly beans, I’m just happy staring at the box hehe, god I love sweets….Can you tell?

The Hello Kitty lamp is awesome! It’s from Japan, and has four colour cycles. Looks so cute! Hello Kitty & Mimmy… My boy knows me so well, his learnt well haha!

Finally he got me a new violin! I was like WTF! Basically I used to play when I was younger, but I gave it in to play the drums for 8 years, (Yes I play the drums.) so to finally be able to go back to an instrument I find so inspiring was just perfection in the making! Now to go make some cats screech haha!

I really do count my blessings to be with the man I love heart and soul. To another awesome year of us, I can’t wait! ^_____^

I’ll be back tomorrow with my shopping spree goodies!

Till then,


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  1. Awwwh I love the name tootsie ^0^ Are they tasty? You got so many cute things ! and that violin is a beaut! Pokemon monopoly… ? Omg that looks so cool, have you see the hello kitty one ^-^ i have the top trumps <3 xx

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