Kawaii From London…


Finally back from an incredible couple of days. (I’ll be doing a post on Friday with tons of photos.)

So I did quite a bit of shopping…Kawaii shopping that is of course! Thank goodness for China Town. ^____^

So here is some of my new goodies:

From tons of cute stationary, Korilakkuma, kawaii food, trinkets and the most cutest of bags!

I was so stoked when I found these bags, normally a Tokidoki bag is quite expensive but these were a bargain that I just couldn’t help myself and buy two. Even if they are fake shhhh! (Hey I couldn’t decide between the prices and for £12.99 whose complaining!)

Mr H is a star for letting me drag him around so many kawaii shops; sitting in the corner with tons of shopping bags, he is to good to me sometimes haha.

There is more but I’ll post about that on a later date as some bits are a surprise for a friend. 

Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

See ya,


5 Responses to Kawaii From London…

  1. Wowza!!! You got tons of super kawaii things! I am super loving the Hello Kitty things you picked up! =n___n=

  2. Hi ! This is CinnamonMiaw from Read My Blog SWap ^^

    Your blog is so cuteee ! I love it <3 I'll be absolutely following !

    Those things you bought are so adorable *-* We have some tastes in common. Rilakkuma is one of my favorite characters and I love Totoro as well.

    I usually make some hauls of stationery, clothes and stuff so if you are interested please check out my blog (:

  3. Aw! Everything is soo cute, I think my eyes are about to melt! I’m planning a trip to London during winterbreak, and i’m totally going to go to Chinatown!
    Did you get everything there?

    Love your blog, cute!

    hugs! :>

    • Hi!

      Nawrhh thanks so much! Yer China town is awesome. Its weird when you first get there as there doesn’t seem to be much around but when you walk into a shop it suddenly unfolds into about 12 shops of kawaii heaven! Your love it! Your purse won’t though haha!

      Yer I got everything there apart from the Phantom Of The Opera mask as I saw that in theatre that night for my birthday. ^______^

      Hehe thanks! :D

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