Hi, ^___^.

Well my name is Mercedes Mangan & this is my kitty Hewiee. He is currently one and a half. I thought that it was about time to put a face to my blog, despite it’s lack of readers. So a little about myself. Im English and live in the UK in a country town called Farnham if youve ever heard of it haha.

I live with my Hewiee the cat, myself & Mr H my partner. I also have my dad as my lodger, but his never here as his always at his girlfriend Jules (shes lovely by the way) My dad is currently has one of the bedrooms in my three bedroom house. Which is great for he contributes to my rent haha. ^___^.

Im a graphic designer, and i hope to become a freelance illustrator one day. Im awaiting on photoshop, and my other design programes as i currently do not own them at this moment in time, although im proffesionally qualified and trained in useing them, so i cant wait till i can show you my full potential with the blog design and other future creations.

Sorry for wafferling haha >..<


P.S Ignore my bags under my eyes, as i can never escape those damn things!

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